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Polyamide (01) 30.04 Repair Concrete is a concrete repair system ready for use. Can be used for Concrete Structures, Wet Area Textiles, Ports, Toll Roads, Flyways, Reservoirs made from Concrete. This product is made as a layer / mixture on the floor that has a waterproof making and a large load. It is also easy to stick high between old and new concrete, concrete and iron, tong, brass and wood. Thickness can be adjusted. Polyamide (01) 30.04 is a product made from 3 components: A, B, C which can be mixed and embodied by hardening 30.04.



 Impact on endurance

 Without climates and hygienic depletion, there are no gaps of dirt and bacteria that can stay

 Seamless & hygienic finish, no crevices where dirt and bacteria can dwell

 Perfect chemical resistance

 Easy to clean and sterile, low maintenance requirements.

 High abrasion barriers

 For low installation repairs

 Contains Ultra Ultra-fresh anti-microbial additives.



Polyamide (01) 30.04 has the following ratio: A, B, C which contains A: 70%, B: 30%, C: 200% (PC + PS Solvent Base) Mix together components A + B for about 2-3 minutes and then add component C, mix again by hand or with a flat spread mixer and ready to use.



After mixing in 1 minute mix the layer on the ground floor with the required thickness using a four-leaf steel, or trowel, or rake from the correct depth.

Within 3 minutes of application, roll with a spiked roller.



1. Box components are pre-weighed for maximum quantities.

2. Never tear or pack proportions

3. Don't mix by hand.

4. Move base A to re-dispense wherever settlement. Adding hardener B to Basis A of a container and associated with a low speed and spinning exercise such as the screw shape going in the direction of 2 minutes, does not speak of concern for riding the train, air.

5. Transfer to a large container and add filler C. Use the mixture of a forced action with a hard mixer type until uniform.



1) As the connection and repairmen of eruption / champions on concrete, wood, holon and board surfaces.

2) As a mixture layer for special construction.

3) As a hole / gap patch on concrete.

4) Does the plastering occur on concrete damage the reversal. The silo repairs are made of concrete.

5) Create a steel structure or construction that accidentally attacks with dripping chemicals.

6) Is a manufacture of waterproof with high retaliation from being alkaline and vinegar.

7) Prevent rust on iron.



Heavy attachment destruction or scarification. All residues must be moved in a dry, surface free from open texture dust with directed collection. Wall grooves, minimum 4 mm wide x 4 m deep, must be formed at the edge joints, columns, doors, channels and at the other regular centers.



All connection movements must be maintained by Polyamide (01) 30.04 Repair concrete and seal well.

Construction joints and holes may include but if substrate movement occurs, Polyamide (01) 30.04 Repair Concrete will quickly repair.



Imperfections must be corrected with Polyamide (01) 30.04 Repair Concrete scratch coating.



Polyamide (01) 30.04 Repair Concrete is colorless and may discolor on aging; it has a bright color. This will not damage the chemical retaliation. Batch to batch color variations may occur. Make sure that the material for the final application is always pulled from the same batch.



Some of the components of this product may be full of mixing and application risks. Please consult relevant health and safety data sheets, available upon request.

Where other products are to be expected to be used together with this material, relevant technical data sheets must be consulted to determine the total requirements.



It is highly recommended that the effectiveness of this product is after 7 (seven) days of application.

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