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EPOXYNDO 15 PHR - Paint Chemical Resistance | Katalog 41
EPOXYNDO 15 PHR - Paint Chemical Resistance | Katalog 41
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DESCRIPTIONEpoxyndo 15 PHR is a product made of three components: A, B, C can be mixed and realized with a hardener 23.65.APPLICATION PREPARATIONMETAL, NOT METALRust and Oil must be cleaned by chemical cleaners or pre-treatment. After cleaning the steel and metal proceed with the above coat with the use of epoxy primer Gray 41-6025.ALUMINUM, STEEL IS DIGALIZEDAll oils, greases / greases and dust must be cleaned by the use or chemical treatment of abrasives.CONCRETEConcrete structures or steel construction that accidentally strikes with spindling chemicals.USE RECOMMENDEDSteel if spray cleaning is not possible, and if a smooth / glossy surface becomes of little importance. Can be used alone or in combination with various basic systems and coats. Give perfect rust protection in both salt and clean water.SURFACE PREPARATIONTools that clean min. St. 2 free grinding scale (ISO 8501-1: 1998). Improved surface Treatment will improve performance. When used over an old coat system, the surface must be dry and clean.FUNCTION1. As a connector and rectification on the surface of concrete, wooden blocks, holom and boards.2. As a mixture layer for special construction.3. As a patch of holes on the concrete.4. If the plastering occurs on the concrete damage the reversal.5. Repairmen Silos made from concrete.6. Create a steel structure or construction that accidentally attacks with spindling chemicals.7. Is a manufacture of waterproof with high retaliation from being alkaline and vinegar.8. Prevent rust on iron.DURING APPLICATIONThe substrate temperature must be a minimum of 150C and a minimum of 100C above the dew point in space in the vicinity, close to the substrate. When used cover in the room need good ventilation. Do not use heated air until the solvent has evaporated from the film paint to avoid a dry surface and entrapment solvent.


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