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Asphalt Cold Mix - Asphalt Instant Type D
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IDR 175453.00

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Product Description

Product Description

PT. Epoxy Art Lestari Established since 1993

and is engaged in Epoxy, Instant Asphalt Artonmix, Lining & Coating Pipe,

Repair Concrete & Metal System.



The best quality, best, and tested products for various needs: Industrial and Construction.



Epoxy, Artonmix Instal Asphalt , Solvent Paint for automotive, electronics, food, pharmaceutical & petroleum industry sectors.

37 Artonmix EAL


Uraian Catalog

The product is widely used to coat, improve road surface.

Can be applied in wet, muddy, and dry areas.


Use of this Product can be used on:

- Concrete road - Asphalt road - Highway -Bandara

- orthotropic Bridge - Cooling room

- Dock - Pipe


ApplicationApplication equipment can use:

- Kape set

- Roll

- Trowel



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